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One main reason why the Bose V35 entertainment system stands out from the other high-end home entertainment systems is the fact that it is easy to set up. Many systems out there may look impressive, yet can be a pain to put together once you get it home. While the price may be a little bit intimidating when you find it on the store shelf, you need to understand what exactly you get for the money that you are spending on the high-end system.


The Bose V35 is essentially an updated version of their V25 model with the main improvement being the speakers that the system comes with. The Lifestyle V35 features “Jewel Cube Speakers” which are smaller in dimension and features the “Acustimass “ module which features superior low frequency volume and allows sounds to bounce of the walls for livelier sounds. The system also comes with the ADAPTiQ audio calibration system which configures each speaker automatically for you. The feature allows you to set the sound of the speaker to the exact specifications of the room they are in.

In addition to the speakers, the system also features an updated remote which offers an LCD display and universal functions. The remote also features less buttons, making it easier to use then comparable divices.

Features and Technologies

One of the biggest improvements you’ll find with the Bose V35 over previous models is that it features the new Unify Intelligent Integration System which actually utilizes your television display while presenting the interface. This allows you to get started the second you make the connection. The system also comes with upscaling technology that can convert any DVD playing back to 1080p, meaning that you can enjoy high resolution visuals even if you don’t have Blu-Ray media., as well as Videostage 5 technology, which converts stereo and monaural sound sources into surround sound for optimal usage.

Extra Features

While the Bose V35 does have some similar features in common with the Bose T20, it also features options that make it stand out. For example, the V35 can receive AM/FM radio, and features an iPod/iPhone dock which allows you to have Bose sound to go with your MP3’s. You can even use the LCD remote to control your Apple portables from a distance.

The V35 also comes with a feature that allows you to set-up a speaker system in another room without having a separate media counsel. This allows you to set up speakers in a variety of rooms and listen to music throughout your home or office without spending the money on separate systems.

The New Bose Lifestyle V35 System

For those looking to expand their systems outdoors to the front or back patio, a special set of speakers called the 251 Environmental Speakers can be used to get the sound that you need outdoors without having the walls that are needed for sound quality for most surround sound speakers. You can mount environmental speakers to a wall if necessary, and they come with an additional remote so that you don’t need to move your primary remote from its main room.

bose v35

V35 Bose

While the $2,969 price tag that the Bose V35 system comes with can be a little bit scary to some, it is worth noting that it does come with smaller Jewel Case speakers as well as the typical set up you are used to. This smaller set of speakers allows you to get a better audio quality and a better bang for your buck, so to say.